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alternative sgmltools?


I give up on sgml-tools 1.0.9 (and prior versions) for now. i tried the
source archive on the debian site; same problems. I tried to install
dpkg (debian package manager) on this non debian system. Didn't work
(there is no configure script. there is a configure.in, but autoconf
doesn't work on it).

So I thought let's try sgmltools 2.0.2. It required latex. So I
downloaded teTeX (somehow i ened up with that one and i read it does the
job aswell). teTeX needs a texmf library. That archive is around 31MB.
Unpacked it's 84MB (!). Sgmltools2 compiled fine. After installation
still no sgml2txt, sgml2html and the like scripts.

What I need is this: i need a simple program that converts sgml files to
txt and html. Do I really need to have this 84MB texmf archive to start
with? Or a way to install dpkg on a non-debian system so i can install
the packages there and be done with it. I'm almost at the point where
I'm about to install a Debian system on my own computer only so that I
can convert sgml to txt and html. This is, as you hopefully agree, a
total waste of partition space. Installing an entire OS just to have two
little programs or scripts.

Gerard Beekmans

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