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Re: alternative sgmltools?

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Roman Maurer wrote:

> Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> > 
> > Anyone who uses DocBook for any serious documenting will become
> > a convert. I thought I was a dyed-in-the-wool YaTeX-mode LaTeX
> > devotee and was double sure of that when I first encountered the
> > DocBook learning-cliff, but now that I have 'mastered' the half-dozen
> > keystroke commands I need for basic operation, I may never go back
> > to LaTeX.
> As an experienced LaTeX and LinuxDoc user, but DocBook wanna-be, I'd
> really like to know:
>  - Is there decent support for mathematical formulae in DocBook?

No. For computer documentation this is not deemed nescessary. If you need
maths you must stick with LaTeX.

>  - What is situation with non English languages and DocBook?

Haven't yet seen any problems but Dutch does not use that many accents.
But it does understand it and will translate 'chapter' to 'hoofdstuk'
where required.

>  - Is there a simple way to convert DocBook to LaTeX and/or vice
>    versa?  What about HTML?

DocBooks SGML can generate:
 TXT (could be improved), DVI, PostScript, PDF, RTF and HTML.

I'm not aware of translations to or from LaTeX.
>  - Are there any prepared idiot-proof packages for major Linux
>    distributions with DocBook support - similar to SGML-Tools for
>    LinuxDoc which come with every Linux distribution I know and
>    require only learning, not configuring and special installation
>    procedures?

DocBook is not intended for idots (nor is LaTeX for that matter. But I
managed to create a workable set of the sgmltools and some add-on stuff in
RPM format.


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