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Re: alternative sgmltools?

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> Anyone who uses DocBook for any serious documenting will become
> a convert. I thought I was a dyed-in-the-wool YaTeX-mode LaTeX
> devotee and was double sure of that when I first encountered the
> DocBook learning-cliff, but now that I have 'mastered' the half-dozen
> keystroke commands I need for basic operation, I may never go back
> to LaTeX.

As an experienced LaTeX and LinuxDoc user, but DocBook wanna-be, I'd
really like to know:

 - Is there decent support for mathematical formulae in DocBook?

 - What is situation with non English languages and DocBook?

 - Is there a simple way to convert DocBook to LaTeX and/or vice
   versa?  What about HTML?

 - Are there any prepared idiot-proof packages for major Linux
   distributions with DocBook support - similar to SGML-Tools for
   LinuxDoc which come with every Linux distribution I know and
   require only learning, not configuring and special installation

Excuse me for asking what you may consider stupid questions or perhaps
even a FAQ, but I'd really like to know your hands-on experience
in migrating from LaTeX to DocBook.

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