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Re: HOWTO vs mini-HOWTO [was: Linux Doc Infrastructure]

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Guylhem Aznar wrote:

> Looks like a majority would like the HOWTOs and the mini HOWTOs to be
> merged, therefore I suggest we run a poll.
> What about a 3 weeks poll where each author can vote :
>  1/ Merge the mini HOWTOs with the HOWTOs
>  2/ Keep the HOWTOs and the mini HOWTOs separated
>  3/ blank

Sounds good to me. However, to make peoples decision more enlightened
perhaps it would be good with a proof-of-concept. Would it be possible to
delay the poll until such a thing is available? I am willing to pitch in,
(reorganizing the EXISTING [mini-]?HOWTO documents in a tree structure)
but since I am also busy with other things, I cannot do it all alone.
Anyone else?


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