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Re: HOWTO vs mini-HOWTO [was: Linux Doc Infrastructure]

One use for mini-HOWTOs would be as subordinate HOWTOs to master
HOWTOs.  For example, a HOWTO on a particular hardware card comes
within the purview of a certain master HOWTO.  There used to be
mini-HOWTOs on certain multi-port serial cards that were subordinate
to Serial-HOWTO.  These should not be incorporated into Serial-HOWTO
since very few of people who look at Serial-HOWTO will need it.  Also,
keeping it separate encourages people who have a certain hardware card
to write a HOWTO on it.

These subordinate HOWTOs were named the same as the hardware brand and
model number they covered.  But most people will have no idea what the
name means.  For example the name Boca-1008.  To avoid clutter, the
list of HOWTOs should not contain the names of subordinate (or
"child") HOWTOs.  So one idea is to have a "child" HOWTO instead of a

I think that to encourage people to write more HOWTOs, plain text
should be OK if the HOWTO is short.  This was the former policy.  If
we revert to that policy, then there will still be a need for the
                        David Lawyer

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