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Re: Linux Documentation E-Commerce Store Proposal From Talinda Incorporated


Thank you for the response.  Being that I've only just begun to familiarize
myself with the LDP and Linux Community I need the feedback and clarification.

Again I appreciate the feedback.

Spencer Smith

David Lawyer wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 12, 2000 at 02:30:25PM -0800, Spencer Smith wrote:
> > I sent this proposal out almost a month ago and have received no response.
> >
> > Does anyone see a benefit to having hardcopies orderable/available of  LDP
> > documents?  What documents make sense to create hardcopy manuals of?
> >
> > Please see the proposal below. [deleted]
> >
> You should know that there are already some hardcopy books of LDP
> documents.  See the LDP Manifesto for the rules regarding making
> hardcopies.
> Many of the LDP documents are either not up-to-date or contain some
> errors.  Of course other hard-copy materials on Linux also have these
> problems (but often not as severe).  Also, many HOWTOs are on
> specialized topics not of general interest.  That's why the existing
> hardcopy books have been very selective on which HOWTOs they publish.
> Since I think most of the benefits of the HOWTOs are provided by
> downloadable copies (and ones included in most distributions of Linux
> on CD) I'm not very excited about an inquiry to publish them.  Go
> ahead if you want to and note that you don't have to pay anything to
> the authors if you don't want to.
> --
>                         David Lawyer

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