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Re: potential new Guides

I added two new guides to the LDP site, per my previous msg:

> Title:    Get Acquainted with Linux Security and Optimization System
> Author:   Gerhard Mourani <gmourani@videotron.ca>
> Version:  1.1

> Title:    Linux Administrator's Security Guide
> Author:   Kurt Seifried, <seifried@seifried.org>
> Version:  1.0

I sent email to both authors thanking them for allowing us to
mirror their content in the LDP. You may access both from the
LDP Documents page:  http://www.linuxdoc.org/docs.html

A FAQ index has also been prepared, which you can access from
the FAQ section of the aforementioned page; or directly from:

Finally, I've started a table of the translated, ftp'able
Guides (currently available on metalab); which was originally proposed
by Roman Maurer <roman.maurer@hermes.si>. That table is part of the
documents page (http://www.linuxdoc.org/docs.html). Be aware that
it *still needs some work*.


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