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Re: Howtos processed

> I'm going to read this HOWTO on the trip to work (I've got an hour on
> the bus), and contact the author sometime today and see if I can get him
> to submit it to the LDP.

He posted it to lpd-submit, but we underlined that he was submitting a
document with the same title as another one, although it talks about a
different software package.

He understood the problem, and agreed to look for a good solution to
the issue. I think just choosing two different names and keeping both
documents may be the path of least resistance, waiting for a more
organic solution.

> I'd really like to be able to post this as a replacement for the old
> software RAID howto

Please don't. You only hear on usenet from people who has problems
because they are following the bleeding edge, I expect a lot of people
to be happy with the older software and the older information; the
fact that you don't hear from them doesn't mean they don't exists.

Here's what Jakob wrote after posting to ldp-submit:

> A likely thing to happen would be that I put in a reference to his
> HOWTO in mine, perhaps re-named my HOWTO to emphasize that it's for
> the experimental RAID-patches only, and then re-submit it to you
> guys.


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