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Re: Howtos processed

Stein Gjoen wrote:
> Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> [snip]
> > That's pretty slick.  Just out of curiosity, has anybody done anything
> > to go the other way?  Write in DocBook, output LinuxDoc?  The
> > Software-RAID howto needs to be replaced (NEEDS), but I don't want to
> > learn LinuxDoc as I'm already trying to learn DocBook.  BTW, should I
> > decide to do it, posting it someplace else isn't something that I want
> > to do.
> The problem is: there are actually TWO Software RAID HOWTOs,
> one for the old style which is in the LDP (v0.54, 21 November 1998 )
> and one for the new RAID code (version 0.90 and above) which
> is NOT part of the LDP but is on the net:
>         http://ostenfeld.dk/~jakob/Software-RAID.HOWTO/

Well I'll be...  None of my searches when RAID broke on my turned up
anything useful.

> This could be the testing case of one HOWTO taking over another,
> something I for one wished never would have to happen.
> It is also an example of the dangers of redundant work on a project
> already done on something not yet part of the LDP archives.

I'm going to read this HOWTO on the trip to work (I've got an hour on
the bus), and contact the author sometime today and see if I can get him
to submit it to the LDP.  I'd really like to be able to post this as a
replacement for the old software RAID howto, since 98% of the people on
usenet are reading the old one, and finding that it's totally obselete.  

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