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On Jan 20,  4:07pm, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Subject: Re: RAID HOWTOs
> >
> > I have a script to generate this info. Not being sure of what time
> > amount to use, I simply went against *all* various howto's and
> > sorted according to the modify date ("stale" to "fresh").
> >
> > I didn't put the email link in (I can). For now, I'll use the script
> > to generate a static html page. You can see a copy of the output:
> >
> >         http://www.linuxdoc.org/sorted_howtos.html
> >
> > Let me know about format changes, additions, subtractions, etc.
> >
> > Is this useful?
> Useful, but broken.  :)  all of the links point to ftp://pub/stuff,
> which just doesn't work.  :)  If it's not too hard, can you swap the
> sort order, to put the latest ones at the top?
>    Greg

Ok, all fixed. Sorry 'bout that. Reversed the sort order, too.


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