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Re: What is RAID!

>On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 08:11:34AM +0100, Per NissilŠ wrote:
> > What is RAID!
>[Followed by posts on what RAID is]
>This has gone too far.  The LDP discussion group needs to
>substantially cut down on the number of posts (noise ?).  We should
>not be discussing problems of particular HOWTOs let alone the contents
>of them.  As it is now, it takes much more time to follow this list
>than to maintain a HOWTO.
>For this reason, most HOWTO authors don't follow it.  It shouldn't be
>this way.  But I suppose even discussing important issues like
>licenses, mini-howtos and sgml will be too much traffic for most
>authors to follow.  I suggest that we re-subscribe those that got
>dropped when the mailing list was changed from ldp-l to ldp-discuss.
>            David Lawyer

   I agree fully with you. The ldp-discuss mailing list is meant to discuss 
topics regarding Linux Documentation Project and not about any h/w or s/w. 
So members of this list should not post problems regarding h/w or s/w on 
this list. They can look for information at other places and in the HOWTO's. 
We are not here to explain or understand computers from each other. So I 
will request all the members not to post messages that are irrelavant to the 
subject of discussion. Otherwise the ldp-discuss list will turn into 
computers-howto list!


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