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Re: What is RAID!

On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 08:11:34AM +0100, Per NissilŠ wrote:
> What is RAID!
[Followed by posts on what RAID is]

This has gone too far.  The LDP discussion group needs to
substantially cut down on the number of posts (noise ?).  We should
not be discussing problems of particular HOWTOs let alone the contents
of them.  As it is now, it takes much more time to follow this list
than to maintain a HOWTO.

For this reason, most HOWTO authors don't follow it.  It shouldn't be
this way.  But I suppose even discussing important issues like
licenses, mini-howtos and sgml will be too much traffic for most
authors to follow.  I suggest that we re-subscribe those that got
dropped when the mailing list was changed from ldp-l to ldp-discuss.
                David Lawyer

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