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Preamble: Re: mini-HOWTO

> Warning, this email may provoke flames.
> Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> [...]

Yes, the subject matter is hot, and my words are still hotter.
So I ask you read this message before replying to my comments.

What has been quoted on this list was posted to ldp-submit, and not to
ldp-discuss for a specific reason: the expressed opinions are harsh
enough to deserve some digesting before going to ldp-discuss.

This does not mean I only raise my voice in small groups, it means I'd
prefer to have some feedback from other reviewers before turning on
the flamefest. I've always been quite liberal in what I say in
ldp-submit, in order to solicite other opinions and stand corrected
quickly if I'm mistaking the whole issue.

And I definitely don't want to be harsh to any specific author. The
problem goes beyond the individual document that made me post, and I
think each author has some sound reason to post documents, even if
they duplicate existing ones. The human side of the LDP is *very*
important, and each author deserves respect and politeness, especially
because email conveys too small information to allow any kind of

So what I did is raising what I see as a general problem, I willingly
did it with harsh words because the audience was small and I wanted to
raise comments, and did use one specific author as an example to
instantiate the issue.

Obviously this is only a disclaimer about the tone and attitude, while
I confirm the content of my message. And I'm not even saying that Greg
did a bad job in posting to ldp-discuss, it had to be done, sooner or
later, it's only me who wasn't ready for that.

Also, my opinions are only my own, the FSF is not involved.


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