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Re: mini-HOWTO

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> But you also have no recourse to prevent others from maintaining it
> (except, in the case of several frustrating parts of K, when you
> write very cryptic code with no docs)

Of course, free means free.

> Ah, I love it when someone finds a precident! :)  Yes, this rule
> would be perfect.

Look, on the whole the Debian project already have working models for
all sorts of volunteer collaborations. It's a huge (1000's? of people
packaging software), completely volunteer, project that manages to set
and maintain distribution wide standards and I think pretty damned high
quality as well. It deals with sometimes extremely complex
interdependencies between contributions, just as any documentation
project would have to. Some aspects of the process can be a little
annoying/daunting to new contributors (registration of PGP key, with
phone call, signing etc.), but they're really small hurdles that keep
less committed players in the contrib arena and out of where they could
cause harm/confusion.

> Because documentation needs to be kept up to date, perhaps we could
> assign an email address to every document and, when email sent to that
> address bounces or goes unacknowledged in some reasonable amount of
> time, the document ownership will be considered in question.

Yeah, that's the idea.

I'm confused, it's been a little while since I've looked at the LinuxDOC
DTD .. don't the author details contain an email address field? If not,
I think the DTD ought to be updated to include one. Certainly I was of
the impression that most authors added their email address by convention


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