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Re: mini-HOWTO

>>>>> "T" == Terry Dawson <terry@animats.net> writes:

    T> ... If I write free software I am under no obligation to
    T> maintain it.

But you also have no recourse to prevent others from maintaining it
(except, in the case of several frustrating parts of K, when you
write very cryptic code with no docs)

    T> ... This would be analagous to the responsibilities of, for
    T> example, a Debian package maintainer. You are able to claim
    T> control of the Debian package only whileever you are actively
    T> maintaining it.

Ah, I love it when someone finds a precident! :)  Yes, this rule
would be perfect.  

Because documentation needs to be kept up to date, perhaps we could
assign an email address to every document and, when email sent to that
address bounces or goes unacknowledged in some reasonable amount of
time, the document ownership will be considered in question.  There is
a system somewhat like this with the NewsClipper modules where, upon a
complain that your handler does not work (they automate this part by
actually testing it) you get an email reporting the error, and if the
error is not fixed (or explained) within a certain time period, your
handler is moved to the unmaintained list (although you can request to
retract it)

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