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Re: New OPL Draft

    We have also read much about license proliferation and the confusion a
    person might feel when they see, on Freshmeat or somewhere else, a license
    listed as "OPL." Is that with no clauses? One or both clauses? rms is right
    in saying that we need different kinds of licenses for different kinds of
    works... but I'm not sure if options are the way to achieve different
    licenses. Therefore, I will make the following suggestion:

    We should create three licenses which provide varying levels of freedom /
    protection to the authors and publishers of documents.

I agree completely: the clear way to do this is with multiple license,
not with options within a license.  I've been asking Ms Petrycki since
last summer to have separate licenses rather than options.

I want to comment on the new draft OPL too, but first I will wait to
give Ms Petrycki time to respond to a question I sent asking for
clarification of certain points.

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