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Re: News and Important tasks (Was Re: mini-HOWTO)

On sam, 29 jan 2000, Gary Lawrence Murphy à écrit
>If you use the very latest LyX, you will have a fairly passable DocBook
>export mode, but it is a one-way street.  There is a "5 minute review"
>of LyX for DocBook at http://www.teledyn.com/help/XML

thanks, I will see.

 What we need are tools that handle the
>attributes of the tags and the structure of the entities, not
>something that renders <CODE> in courier and <EMPHASIS> in italics.

do you really now lyx? I think lyx is precisely what you asks for.

I know emacs and I am used with this sort of editor. You have not the
texte in italics, but you have still the <em> </em> tags around, I don't
see this is very different.

lyx gives you a structure of the text and gv or latex gives you the final
result is needed and the html result of sgml is quite different from latex

however, I don't think it's usefull to flame such debate, you can use
whatever editor you like...

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