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Re: mini-HOWTO

David Lawyer wrote:

> Since LDP doesn't deal with documentation on specific software, there
> just aren't any "upstream" authors.  Would we try to recruit upstream
> authors who would give their docs both to LDP and other organizations?
> Wouldn't it be simpler the way it works now?

The "upstream" author in the context I intended it would represent
authors of any document that the LDP wished to use. The idea suggested
was that LDP people could take these documents and munge them into
whatever form the LDP required... these people would be the analogs of
the Debian packagers ..

> I would rather keep the present direct contact system rather than a
> bug reporting system.  Often feedback is neither a bug nor a
> suggestion.  It's a question.  If this question was not answered in
> the HOWTO (or well enough explained), then the HOWTO may need to be
> modified.  If you have a bug tracking system, will questions be
> allowed?

I personally can't see any good reason why not. I'd like 5c for every
time I'd been asked the same question again and again and again and
again. If people wishing to contribute feedback had the opportunity to
search to see if that feedback had already been given (with a response)
then it might save everyone a lot of effort.


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