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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

David Lawyer wrote:

> No!  It would be tragic to have two Linux Documentation Projects, one
> by LDP and the other by OSWG.  We need only one and that IMO should be
> the LDP.  Thus all the HOWTOs at OSWG should move to LDP and then OSWG
> can become one of the mirrors of the LDP site.
> The functions of OSWG would be to cover "open source" (or better IMO
> "free") documentation in general.  Anything specific to Linux
> (possibly with a few exceptions) should have its home on LDP.  Also,
> OSWG would continue recruiting writers and some would wind up in LDP.
> Unless someone else in LDP wants to do it, I'll see if some links to
> info about LDP can be put up at OSWG along with a request for
> volunteers to work on LDP projects.  Of course we need to have links
> to OSWG as well.
> Another function of OSWG would be to take charge in case LDP
> flounders.  Thus OSWG and LDP should have distinct but related
> functions.  They can both be of benefit to each other.

I believe a number of people (including me) got involved with OSWG only
because LDP floundered. I am personally happier with the way OSWG has
been conducting the documentation project. Is that really a tragedy ?


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