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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

I'm CCing oswg since IMO they should be in on this thread.
On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 02:49:57PM +0000, Terry Dawson wrote:
> Stein Gjoen wrote:
> > Already there are many interesting documents at the OSWG but can
> > we assume the distribution people will bundle this too? Also we
> > should keep the end users in mind, will they know to look into
> > not only the old /usr/doc/HOWTO but now also /usr/doc/OSWG or
> > wherever these will go?
> I think it's fairly safe to assume, yes :)

No!  It would be tragic to have two Linux Documentation Projects, one
by LDP and the other by OSWG.  We need only one and that IMO should be
the LDP.  Thus all the HOWTOs at OSWG should move to LDP and then OSWG
can become one of the mirrors of the LDP site.

The functions of OSWG would be to cover "open source" (or better IMO
"free") documentation in general.  Anything specific to Linux
(possibly with a few exceptions) should have its home on LDP.  Also,
OSWG would continue recruiting writers and some would wind up in LDP.
Unless someone else in LDP wants to do it, I'll see if some links to
info about LDP can be put up at OSWG along with a request for
volunteers to work on LDP projects.  Of course we need to have links
to OSWG as well.

Another function of OSWG would be to take charge in case LDP
flounders.  Thus OSWG and LDP should have distinct but related
functions.  They can both be of benefit to each other.
                        David Lawyer

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