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On 6 Feb 2000, Taketoshi Sano wrote:

> Hi.
> # This is the topic from ldp-discuss, but this is related to
> # sgml-tools (v1) software, so I add cc to sgml-tools list.
> # The original sgml-tools 1.0.9 includes the GIF images as icons,
> # and use them when sgml2html is given "-I" or "--button" as an option.

> I am not the maintainer of sgml-tools (v1) itself. I am 
> only the maintainer of the Debian package of sgml-tools
> (v1: current is 1.0.9) now.
> I have uploaded the new package with the modification to use 
> PNG files instead of GIF files (and includes PNG files in 
>  /usr/lib/sgml-tools/icons/). Coming new release of Debian
>  (potato) will have this package as default.

Cool, it's there on x86. Hasn't shown up on the ppc tree, though.

Version: 1.0.9-10 on x86.

Version: 1.0.9-8 on ppc.

This is definitely a good change.



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