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DNS and Website


Had a DNS burp today. I would like to implement 3-5 secondaries outside
of Metalab... anybody up for it?

Joshua Drake

P.S. Slight website modifications on main page... removed top graphics,
moved documentation links to absolute first thing on left side...
removed 4th column and placed it under the first... Take a look...
It is a little simpler and less cluttered now... but there is some way
to go..

Also -- ANYONE whois is using LYNX.... try w3m instead (just found this
little gem... it rocks IMHO)

<COMPANY>CommandPrompt, Inc. - http://www.commandprompt.com </COMPANY>
<PROJECT>LinuxPorts     - http://www.linuxports.com      </PROJECT>
<WEBMASTER>LDP          - http://www.linuxdoc.org        </WEBMASTER>

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