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Re: Proposed announcement etc, 2.nd revision

On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 04:07:44PM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Sounds like good rational to me.  Assuming that we keep things this way,
> then we need to announce this on the main LDP site and have a link to the
> announcement.

BTW here is a list of the processed HOWTOs ('til ~3 am yesterday).

> > The OSWG is not mentioned here and I feel it would be a
> > good idea if they announced their site too. I just don't
> > want to cause confusion on the relationship between LDP
> > and OSWG.
> I'm not sure how to do that, I was just using the OSWG as an example.  I do
> feel that what they do is important, and will be a nice addition to the
> things that the LDP is doing.  

If they want to work with us for the benefit of the community I *do*
think we must have tighter links.

> I think that if we make the news on the LDP page more frequent, and get the
> HOWTOs updated in a timely manner, then the LDP's main page will become a
> site that is frequented by people in the Linux community.

What about using slashdot source or Zope for this?

> DocBook stuff.  An "authors guide" is the name that I like for it, becuase
> it follows the conventions of the LDP (it will definately be a guide sized
> work).  Basically a larger document covering all of the things that are
> required or might be necessary for someone to write works to be part of the
> LDP.  This isn't really something that's ripe for discussion on this thread,
> but I'm sure it will be hashed out more later.

Jorge has written a DocBook author guide, it is currently being
translated in english.

> I want to see the LDP moving to being primarily DocBook based within perhaps
> a few months.  If we can make the transition before too long, these sorts of

The DocBook HOWTOs will be available soon : we will offer both sgml and
DocBook on the beginning.

> Eventually the man page stubs should be automagically generated from the
> SGML source, and I'd rather not see a lot of work go into writing tools to
> do that for LinuxDoc, if we can avoid it.  Perhaps we should see if we can

Who has time enough to write a sgml2man while we're going to move to

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