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Re: Proposed announcement etc, 2.nd revision

On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 12:11:14PM +0100, Guylhem Aznar wrote:

First of all, sorry for being silently for so long. Let me say a
little more on what has been done. I'm accepting improvement

> > DocBook stuff.  An "authors guide" is the name that I like for it, becuase
> > it follows the conventions of the LDP (it will definately be a guide sized
> > work).  Basically a larger document covering all of the things that are
> > required or might be necessary for someone to write works to be part of the
> > LDP.  This isn't really something that's ripe for discussion on this thread,
> > but I'm sure it will be hashed out more later.
> Jorge has written a DocBook author guide, it is currently being
> translated in english.

While it's not accessible in English, portuguese readers may find an
on-line copy at

Subjects that I'm talking about:

- system configuration
- catalog use
- author's identification
- e-mail
- links
- tables
- keys representation (F1, CTRL+ALT+DEL, etc.)
- menus and menu shortcuts
- mouse buttons
- citations (bibliographical)
- quotations
- indexes
- emphasizing text
- footnotes
- bulleted lists, ordered lists (numbered), simple lists, variable
  lists, segmented lists.
- program lists
- graphics and pictures
- cross reference
- glossaries

I've also supplied example scripts for converting documents (they will
be simplified for the next release of this HOWTO), customizations
examples, some tips I've found interesting while writing a document,
something about reusability of existing documentation, two examples (a
book and an article).

There are a few things more, but I thought that was the minimal
requirements for using DocBook. I'm also going to supply the SGML (as
usual) of this as an example of how to write a document. 

I tried explaining all I needed to write this document and a few other
documents we are writing here at Conectiva. 

> Who has time enough to write a sgml2man while we're going to move to
> DocBook?

I was going to do that for the next version of the HOWTO, I mean, an
example on writing a man page in DocBook. There is already a sgml2man
(it's called docbook2X) script. I was also going to write a section on
writing a FAQ using DocBook. 
It wasn't done because of the need of releasing this HOWTO ASAP. 

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