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Re: Good news for docbook fans

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 04:23:36AM +0000, Terry Dawson wrote:

> "Jeremy D. Zawodny" wrote:
> > The same cannot be said for PDF. Many people print them and then read
> > them.
> 'xpdf' is free, packaged with most Linux distributions and produces
> perfectly printable postscript, it's only one very simple step more
> difficult.

But it assumes I'm running X. PostScript does not. I can print it from
a old 486 with low memory.

Is there a magic filter for lpr which can make PDF just as printable?
If so, I could be persuaded to agree.

> pdf has the advantage of being readily consumable on other platforms
> too, postscript is not simple to print/deal with on modern Microsoft
> operating systems.


Again, I'm not arguing against PDF. I'm arguing against using it to
_replace_ PostScript.

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