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Hi, I am having a issue here and some people on #linuxhelp Undernet network pointed me to you guys.
I have a ISA modem; Motorola VoiceSURFR 56K Internal PnP... and well  simply put, I am having some difficulty getting it setup.  I have tried (I think) every COM port (if that is what that /dev/ttyS0 and other listings in KPPP Setup under the KDE desktop are) and all I seem to get for a response is "Modem is Busy" or "Sorry, the modem did not respond."
I am fairly new to Linux so a detailed response would be appericated.. that is if you even have one for me.  Any other information needed will be given, just ask.  As for Processor/RAM, I am on a MSI  MS-6167c KX133 Athlon MB at a 850Mhz clock w/ 256MB PC266 RAM.  If that makes a difference.
Thank you very much,
Casey Cain