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HOWTO Backup??


I am currently working as backup admin. I have some knowledge of backing
up a system, using "barebones" techniques and using free and commercial
packages. I have experienced pros and cons with both aproces (Barebones
vs. Full packages) and would like to make a howto on this subject, to
share my knowledge and perhaps even get more wisdom from other users
commenting on the HOWTO...

I have never written a HOWTO before, and I only have small knowledge of
the SGML, but I have read the HOWTO HOWTO, and would be able to make a
document in that system... I have extensive knowledge of both HTML and RTF
format, as I have programmed software that uses these systems for document

Any comments or suggestions on this??

btw. The backup system I use now, I have made myself, from a combination
of TcL, some GNU utilities and some custom made ones, that I have
programmed myself.

If I am to write this HOWTO I will focus on the barebones, using GNU utils
for achiving a secure and accesible backup!

- Mazzachre

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