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Re: Proposed announcement etc, 4.th revision

On Feb 17,  6:51pm, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> Subject: Proposed announcement etc, 4.th revision
> ...
> Rather than posting the raw and messy roff page I
> will just give the links:
> intro.ldp   http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/intro.ldp
> intro.txt   http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/intro.txt (with formatting!)
> disk.ldp    http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/disk.ldp
> disk.txt    http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/disk.txt  (with formatting!)
> If someone wished to put this on the LDP site it might be a
> good idea to process with man2html to retain the formatting.
> Unfortunately it is missing from my machine, otherwise I would
> have done it already.

This has been done (using man2html). You can see them here:


These man pages are also referenced from the "To Do" list,
found at http://www.linuxdoc.org/todo.html  (item #11).


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