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Re: Mini-HOWTOs?

Greg Ferguson wrote:

> HTML only (no SGML)
> ===================
> Boca
> Cyrus-IMAP
> Diald
> GTEK-BBS-550
> Hard-Disk-Upgrade
> IP-Alias
> Kerneld
> Leased-Line
> Linux+Win95
> Linux-Modem-Sharing
> Man-Page
> Modules
> NFS-Root-Client
> Netscape+Proxy
> Pre-Installation-Checklist
> Process-Accounting
> Proxy-ARP-Subnet
> SLIP-PPP-Emulator
> Small-Memory

Looking at the list above and the index page
I find the above HTML-only mini-HOWTOs missing from the index.
On perusing the true index
I see they are there after all.

On sampling the Man-Page mini-HOWTO I find the
archived version is dated July 1998 whereas the newest at
is dated January 2000.

Do we have a breakdown in the processing?

   Stein Gjoen

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