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Re: DocBook, etc

> * mini & HOWTOs will be merged
Ok, why not.

> Chances are your HOWTO has not been converted.
I didn't see it in the list of "non-converted".

If someone converts it, I'd appreciate being sent the result.

Also, where's a guide for authors about using DocBook for the LDP?

Finally, I've been self-translating my HOWTOs to french for some time,
and finally lost the time/taste to do it. Are there tools that make
incremental translation easy? Maybe a set of scripts over CVS?
Is it intended to integrate such tools in the normal LDP development process?

> Greg Fergusson posted a list of html-only mini HOWTOs.
> Maybe you can update it and convert it to sgml?
The Firewall-Piercing mini-HOWTO has been in SGML since day one.

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