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table of content w/ DocBook


I have just finished to convert my Medicine-HOWTO from ld to db.
This was really easy using 'sgmltools -ld2db <HOWTO.sgml>'. I have
than processed 'sgmltools -b html <HOWTO.db.sgml>'. This
generated a nice HTML output.

Some problems I have still left:

- I have just finished reading the DocBook HOWTO, but I didn't find
any hints to generate a toc. Have I overlooked something?

- also the <toc> entry from the ld source doesn't
seem to be converted into db

- the generated file names by 'sgmltools -b html' seem arbitrary 
to me t1.html, x23.html, .. is this the expected behaviour? How
can I avoid this?

- How will the LDP handle some parts which have been included and
formatted in former HOWTOs only on an informal basis, for instance:
revision history and legal notice. In other words how will this
example from the DocBook HOWTO be processed by the LDP?

        <date>27 de janeiro de 2000</date>
        <revremark>Versão inicial.</revremark>

      <para>This document can be freely translated and distributed. It's
      under the LDP License.</para>


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