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Re: table of content w/ DocBook

On Thu, Feb 24, 2000 at 06:50:36AM +0100, Werner Heuser wrote:
> Hello,
> I have just finished to convert my Medicine-HOWTO from ld to db.
> This was really easy using 'sgmltools -ld2db <HOWTO.sgml>'. I have
> than processed 'sgmltools -b html <HOWTO.db.sgml>'. This
> generated a nice HTML output.
> Some problems I have still left:
> - I have just finished reading the DocBook HOWTO, but I didn't find
> any hints to generate a toc. Have I overlooked something?


There's one customization needed for generating a ToC in an article. 

> - also the <toc> entry from the ld source doesn't
> seem to be converted into db

Because of the customization needed I've said above.

> - the generated file names by 'sgmltools -b html' seem arbitrary 
> to me t1.html, x23.html, .. is this the expected behaviour? How
> can I avoid this?

You can use, after the <section> or <sect[12345]> tag a pre-processing
directive: <?dbhtml filename="file_name.html">. Or, in your
stylesheet, make another customization so that your id's are converted
into filenames.

> - How will the LDP handle some parts which have been included and
> formatted in former HOWTOs only on an informal basis, for instance:
> revision history and legal notice. In other words how will this
> example from the DocBook HOWTO be processed by the LDP?
>     <revhistory>
>       <revision>
>         <revnumber>1.0</revnumber>
>         <date>27 de janeiro de 2000</date>
>         <authorinitials>godoy</authorinitials>
>         <revremark>Versão inicial.</revremark>
>       </revision>
>     </revhistory>
>     <legalnotice>
>       <para>This document can be freely translated and distributed. It's
> released 
>       under the LDP License.</para>
>     </legalnotice>

I thought of this as an informative option. The reader will know what
happened from one version to another and will know if this HOWTO's
version is the one he's looking for. We'll be able to reference, then,
"See XYZ-HOWTO version A.BC or newer for more information". 

For the customization details, please write me in private. It is a
somewhat big amount of text that might not interest to all the people
here. But, the "ToC" customization is in the HOWTO (it's one of the
characteristics that I missed more from LinuxDoc). 

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