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Why no link to the unmaintaind HOWTOs?


recently, I've read some HOWTO once again.
One thing that I have seen:

On http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/ 
unmaintained HOWTOs are mentioned in special section

3.3 Unmaintained HOWTOs 
There are a number of unmaintained documents. 
These are kept around since old documentation is sometimes better than none. However, you should be aware 
that you are reading old documentation. 
If the date tag is too old, please consider the HOWTO as unmaintained. 
However, there are exceptions, such as old programs (for ex UUCP HOWTO) or not-so-hot topics (for ex AX-
25 HOWTO). 

Unfortunately, no link there. How do I come to the index of unmaintained HOWTOs?

Thanks for any hint in advance and best regards

Gerd Roethig
Universitšt Leipzig, Medizinische Klinik u. PK I
Johannisallee 32, 04103 Leipzig
Tel. (0341) 97 12622, Fax (0341) 97 12515

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