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what to do about plagiarizing

Gerard Beekmans <glb@dds.nl> wrote:
> I have strong suspicions and evidence that somebody used big parts of
> the LFS-HOWTO I wrote on his website (to be more specific: almost that
> entire website looks like almost a copy of the HOWTO in the key parts).
> Naturally, the HOWTO mentions that the HOWTO is copyrighted under LDP
> copyright & licence policies.

I sympathize with you, and I'll be interested to hear if there is anything
official you can do.

One "unofficial" thing you can do is to post a URL so people can compare
his site with your HOWTO.  If it looks like he's "borrowed" a lot of your
material, I, for one, would be willing to write a message to him asking him
what he's doing and why he's apparently stolen your document without
attribution.  I think many LDP authors (and others in the Linux community)
would be willing to evaluate his site and send such messages.

After he receives 100+ such messages from people around the world who
independently believe he's stolen your material, he'll probably realize the
error of his ways.  Peer pressure can be good.


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