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The maintainer did send an email several months back to the list saying
that they no longer had time to maintain it and asked for someone to
take it over.  As far as I know, no one took it over.  It should have
moved to the unmaintained directory though and not disappeared.


User one account wrote:
> some time ago I wrote...
> > Then I looked for the HAM-HOWTO and found it GONE! Is
> > this intentional???  It is still listed in some of the search engines and some
> > mirrors so it can't be that long gone but it is apparently gone from
> > linuxdoc.  I am relatively new to this list so I probably don't know the
> > history of this.  Anybody know what the story is here?
> Did anybody respond to this?  Is the HAM-HOWTO gone for a reason?
> Bob

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