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I do not know what happened to the SGML file(s), but I went
ahead and placed a copy of the plain text HAM-HOWTO into
the unmaintained directory (you're right, it should have gone


I also have a  backup of the HTML variant of the HAM-HOWTO (which
is what I used to create the plain text version).

On Mar 10,  9:41am, Chris Bagwell wrote:
> Subject: Re: HAM-HOWTO
> The maintainer did send an email several months back to the list saying
> that they no longer had time to maintain it and asked for someone to
> take it over.  As far as I know, no one took it over.  It should have
> moved to the unmaintained directory though and not disappeared.
> Chris
> User one account wrote:
> >
> > some time ago I wrote...
> >
> > > Then I looked for the HAM-HOWTO and found it GONE! Is
> > > this intentional???  [...]
>-- End of excerpt from Chris Bagwell


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