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GNU Free Documentation License released

I don't know much about documentation licenses but I probably should.
Is there a document somewhere that illustrates the differences between
open documentation licenses in terms of the situations that
differentiate them?  I'm thinking of a set of situations like:

- Publisher X wants to distribute a printed copy of document Y in a book.

- Publisher X wants to distributed a printed copy of document Y in book,
  after replacing all occurrences of "Linux" with "Windows 2000".

- Document Y's author becomes unreachable/unresponsive and new author X
  wants to take it over.

- Person X wants to translate document Y into language Z.

- Person X puts large portions of document Y on his web site without

etc., along with commentary like "LDPL and OSDL permit this
unconditionally; GFDL requires 'Cover Text' for >50 copies".
Such a site would help non-lawyers like me understand licenses and proposed
changes.  Does one exist?


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