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Re: Help Regarding Booting to Linux

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Srikanth.K. wrote:

>     Can any one tell me how to load linux from floppies.  I don't want
> to install it on my hard disk and when ever I need I want to boot from
> floppies.  I don't want all the X-windows features but only the minimal
> features for developing and playing around with the kernel source

If you've got access to the web, go to:


and grab yourself a copy of tomsrtbt (Tom's Root/Boot disk).
There are also lots of pointers from this site to other 1-disk, 2-disk,
3-disk, etc., floppy installations, which will meet your requirements.

I *always* go round with a copy of tomsrtbt in my shirt pocket; and have
had countless occasions to use it as a rescue disk.  It's a lifesaver.

I have also used hacked versions of 1-disk Linux boot disks to boot from a
100Mb Zip disk I carry around, to run a more fully-featured Linux from a
Zip drive I plug into the serial port at the back of any machine I want to
use/get into. It's a relatively simple and easy hack (the painful part is
paying for the Zip drive and disk[s]!) -- just recompile the kernel to
auto-configure for your particular flavour of Zip drive, and use this for
the boot image on the single floppy.

If you want to play with kernel compiles on a regular basis, this is
probably the best way to go.

(BTW, there's also a Zip HOWTO that's full of useful information.)

Hope this helps,

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