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On 3/16/2000 4:44, Jose Angel Martinez at adhel@dit.upm.es wrote:

> Hello:
> I'm writing a DHCP HOWTO. I know there is a mini but my document is
> bigger and newer. Even if you do not want to accept it as part of the
> LDP I have to finish writing because of my work, but I'd like to know
> if you want it.

I'm on board to update the current DHCP mini-HowTo. However, I've been kept
so busy with work that I haven't had time to really sit down and finish it.
Also, the original author of the HowTo has written a DocBook version of the
same (but I forget where I found it) and kind of dwarfs the existing one in
terms of content and size. This left me quite discouraged as a result ;-(

Quite frankly, if you have a better HowTo, Please feel free to submit it and
hopefully it will be accepted. The HowTo is desperately needed and I just
haven't had the time to finish it. If yours is thorough, up-to-date, and so
on, I would happily let you have this one and my name can be removed from
that project. I'll look for another HowTo to write after I finish the
project I'm currently working on.

IF you like, I could review your HowTo and help you along with it for sure.
Sort of give it a tech edit if you like.

To LDP Maintainers: I apologize for not having my HowTo done earlier (it was
supposed to be done in January 2000). If Senior Martinez has one done (or
close to being finished) I would respectfully bow out and let him submit
his. Please remove my name from the DHCP HowTo maintainer and add his. I
will look for another outdated HowTo to update or write a new one for


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