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Russian tranlations


I just join the list.

I'm interested in translating some guides and howto's into Russian. I'm afraid I'll only work on the ones that have a more recent date, as I'm a newbie to Linux and can't provide any help in maintaining howtos.

However, I've run into an immediate problem...
Back when I was installing my RH6.0 i wan't thinking that I might need Russian codeset and fonts, so I installed in English. However, now I'd like to be able to do at least one of the codesets (KOI-8, the most popular in Russian). However, after looking for info on getting my Linux to recognize Russian fonts and such, I found that the info is either very outdated or (usually the case) over my head. I was wondering if anybody on the list has had to go through the process of configuring Linux to recognize other languages along with English. Or is it better to just reinstall the whole thing and choose Russian, I'm certainly willing to do that, especially since English will still be recognized by the system no matter what.

I could start translating under my dual-booting Windoze, but I'd rathe do it right from the start. It looks like under Windoze I will only be able to do HTML versions and not much of anything else.

I'm also lacking in any experience of creating PDF formats, but that's not critical as I'm sure I'll be able to get an idea about that from following discussions on the list.

So, if you could help me with setting up language for Linux, or pointed me to a good resource, i'd appreciate that.

I would also like to inform you that I'd like to start tranlating Linux Administration Made Simple guide, as it has a recent update date and doesn't seem to have been translated yet. But if anyone knows of anyone doing that please let me know, as it would be a waist of resources on my part and a dissapointment to people whomay be waiting for a good translation.

Thanks and i'm looking forward to enjoying the discussion and contributing to the project.

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