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Re: Russian tranlations

On Sun, Mar 19, 2000 at 03:53:56PM -0500, Maksim Pakhutkin wrote:
> Hello:
> I just join the list.
> I'm interested in translating some guides and howto's into Russian.
> I'm afraid I'll only work on the ones that have a more recent date,
> as I'm a newbie to Linux and can't provide any help in maintaining
> howtos.

Perhaps you can help with a HOWTO.   You state below that the info re
Russian is very outdated.  If this is so, then you could revise the
Cyrillic-HOWTO (which covers mainly Russian) or ask the author to do
it.  I've designed Cyrillic fonts and read Russian so I'll email you

> However, after looking for info on getting my
> Linux to recognize Russian fonts and such, I found that the info is
> either very outdated or (usually the case) over my head. 

                        David Lawyer

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