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RE: Russian tranlations

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> From: Maksim Pakhutkin []
> Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2000 12:54 PM
> To: ldp-discuss@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Russian tranlations
> Hello:
> I just join the list.
> I'm interested in translating some guides and howto's into 
> Russian. I'm afraid I'll only work on the ones that have a 
> more recent date, as I'm a newbie to Linux and can't provide 
> any help in maintaining howtos.
> However, I've run into an immediate problem...
> Back when I was installing my RH6.0 i wan't thinking that I 
> might need Russian codeset and fonts, so I installed in 
> English. However, now I'd like to be able to do at least one 
> of the codesets (KOI-8, the most popular in Russian). 
> However, after looking for info on getting my Linux to 
> recognize Russian fonts and such, I found that the info is 
> either very outdated or (usually the case) over my head. I 
> was wondering if anybody on the list has had to go through 
> the process of configuring Linux to recognize other languages 
> along with English. Or is it better to just reinstall the 
> whole thing and choose Russian, I'm certainly willing to do 
> that, especially since English will still be recognized by 
> the system no matter what.

If you take a look at the HOWTOs, there are a number that are named
something like the "Belgian-HOWTO", or the "French-HOWTO" (I have no idea if
those two actually exist).  I don't recall if there is a russian one, but I
think that maybe the Dutch-HOWTO is in english, and deals with some of the
issues getting Linux to deal with multiple languages.  You may have to dig
through a number of document, but the answer is there.  Later,

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