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Silly newbie questions

Hey ho,
You must be sick and tired of newbie questions, but what the hell, you
knew what you were heading for when you subscribed to this :)
Okeedokee, so I downloaded my 34 meg Slackware distribution. I have
partitioned the hard drive, leaving around 1 gigabyte for the Linux
partition, and around 70 megs for swap. The thing is, these partitions
were formatted accordingly, and they can't be seen from DOS - but the
unzipped distribution is in the C:\Linux folder... how do I copy it to
that dark area of my hard drive where FAT is nonexistent?
Also, what exactly does the distribution include? I have a hunch there
are two kinds, one with bells and whistles, the other minimalistic -
and something, perhaps the size of the distrib, makes me think I
downloaded the latter - which is perfectly alright with me, but has it
got X-windows? (Oh yes, we're all graphical interface addicts these
days courtesy of you-know-who).
Alrighty, that's the size of it then. Please, be kind enough to answer
- this stinking town hasn't got a Linux community!
"The point is, you see <...> that there is no point in driving
yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad. You might just as well
give in and save your sanity for later" - Douglas Adams.

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