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RE: A new mini-HOWTO on who to use Bash !

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> From: BONNEFON Nicolas []
> Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 6:14 AM
> To: LDP mailing list
> Subject: A new mini-HOWTO on who to use Bash !
> Hello !
> I would like to start writing a mini-HOWTO (or maybe a HOWTO, 
> I don't know
> yet) about some features of Bash beginners usually don't use. This
> includes using history and related commands, csh-style 
> "pushd" and "popd",
> aliases, and how to write simple shell scripts.
> Is there any other project like this one around ? Can I go on 
> with it ?

The first thing that I'd do would be to look at all of the documentation
that comes with binaries and source code packages for BASH.  Then take a
look through the "installation" documents both at the LDP and at
distribution makers websites, to see what you can find on documentation for
BASH.  I'm not aware of any other project which sounds like this, but there
are far too many HOWTOs for me to have had time to read them all.  

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