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Re: Astronomy-HOWTO

> Brian <briank@hex.net> wrote:
> > response.  Right now I'm wrestling with the same problem that Terry had
> > with the HAM-HOWTO that led to its demise:  Given the time involved to
> > keep such a "pointer" document up-to-date, would it be more beneficial
> > to simply create a web page, which would lend itself more readily to
> > automating tasks such as keeping links updated, etc.?
On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 08:33:59PM -0800, Tom Fawcett wrote:
> often.  The LDP has taken as long as 6 months (!) to update documents on
> www.linuxdoc.org, but lately it's been about a week or two.  Until they get CVS
> or automated submission scripts I believe that's about as fast as it's
> going to get.

Not so.  The longest it's been was almost 2 months and only a few
authors (including me) suffered this long of a delay.  Since the
delay was due to the howto coordinator going AWOL (and this was
being discussed on the mailing list) I had time to do some further
improvements to my howtos so that when they finally did get uploaded,
they were better than they were 2 months previously.  When I came
across errors or typos (especially in the updated portions) I thought
to myself: Perhaps it was a good thing that my work didn't get
uploaded with this mistake.  I'm not saying that overall the delay was
a good thing.  It wasn't.

Recently (for the last few submissions) it's only taken a day or two
for my updates to make it thru.  So I suggest putting Astronomy-HOWTO
on the LDP.  We've got CVS but I don't think many have accounts on it
yet.  I expect automated submission by email to be coming.

On the LDP your HOWTO will go out to about 200 mirror sites and get
wider distribution.  
                        David Lawyer

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