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RE: Need to close the list

> I feel that the list needs to remain open to non-subscribers, but I do agree
> that the ammount of spam that these lists recieve is unacceptable.  I will
> try to see if I can at least get some reasonable spam blocks put it, and if
> that fails, we may need to close this list, although I really think that we
> should have one for the LDP which is open.  

Ever since I enabled RBL and ORBS filters on machine, I have not
received any spam (short of the ones that comes in through this list).
I know that most people are somehow ambivalent about these two
filtering mechanisms, but given the alternative I can perfectly live
with the fact that every so often some people might have just a
little more trouble sending e-mail to me. In general RBL and ORBS
do not appear to have too many false positives.

Another useful filter that I have been using for the lists that I
administer is blocking all messages that do not explicitly mention
the list in the To: address (incidentally, Mailman does that by

Finally, I refuse all mail from return addresses that cannot be
looked up by DNS. Exim does that in its default configuration.

Some or all of these procedures might be worthwhile considering for
this list.


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