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document updates (27March2000)

New Guide:

     Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition

     version:     0.1
     author(s):   Paul Sheer, <psheer@obsidian.co.za>
     last update: February, 2000
     available formats:
                   2.PostScript (tarred and gzipped, 470k)
                   3.Rute package (LaTeX, PostScript, PDF, DVI;
                                   tarred and gzipped, 2.3MB)

     Rute is a beginners guide to Linux and Unix-like systems. It is
     designed as a dependency consistent tutorial document. This
     means you can (and should) read it from beginning to end in
     consecutive order. Rute also satisfies the requirements for
     course notes for a Linux training course.

     Rute has been a year in the writing and is now about two thirds

LDP Housekeeping:

- As documents get processed, I have been posting a list to ldp-announce.
  Should ldp-discuss be copied on the msg as well? If I do not hear
  back, I will assume ldp-announce is sufficient.

  Example msg posted this morning:

     Linux Assembly HOWTO
     Konstantin Boldyshev <> and
     Franois-Ren Rideau <>
     v0.5g, March 26, 2000

     * updated

     C++ Programming HOW-TO
     Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)  alavoor@yahoo.com
     v3.0, 26 March 2000

     * updated

     Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
     Robert Kiesling, rkiesling@mainmatter.com
     February 6, 2000

     * updated

- I added the plain text HOWTO tar files onto the main site,
  to allow for them to be mirrored (per requests from various


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