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*Offshore* Wealth Club--Free Info

This Sophisticated Offshore Club Provides its Members With Asset 
Protection, Offshore 
Tax Haven, Financial Privacy, Insider Investment Opportunities, 
International Debit Card, and it's Lucrative Member Affiliate Program! 

Dear Friend, 

I'm wondering if you could help me out a little bit. I am working with 
someone who has been testing and piloting an e-commerce/internet 
business that is doing exceedingly well. 

The company that we are affiliated with is capitalizing on the success 
of offshore private banking, investment selection and business models 
that are generating $1,000ıs of dollars daily for its member affiliates! 

Iım sure you know of the incredible growth that is taking place in the 
Internet world and the unbelievable money that is being made. 

Some of our affiliates are earning more than $100,000 per month take 
home already! Can you believe that? The Company is very new, very 
profitable, and weıre looking to bring on a few additional people into 
our Club. 

Iım looking for some strong referrals of people who you think would do 
well with something like this. If you could help me S I would be 
interested in showing you on how you can earn some very lucrative 
referral fees for assisting me with this test campaign. Here are just 
some of the benefits that you can expect as a Club member: 

1) Offshore Bank Account - with 8 year old Class A bank S where you can 
do all of your banking offshore and online in the privacy of your own 
home at your PC or laptop. 

2) Access Your Funds 24 Hours a Day - from anywhere in the world with an 
international debit card that isnıt tied to a Social Security # or any 
kind of tax ID number. 

3) Access to High-Yield Investment Opportunities - Offshore investments 
and asset protection strategies online. 

4) The Ability to Get Involved in the "Perpetual Leverage" Plan - this 
program has already gotten club members making 4 and 5 figure incomes 
"daily." Funds 

are paid instantly and directly deposited into your account the next 
banking day! 

Please let me know if you would like to listen to one of the nightly 
"live" conference calls, also with question and answer period. 

Please email your reply to: wealthclubinfo@surfree.com

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information (see above); and, 2) the way to be removed from future 
mailings (see below). 

To be removed from this list, please mail to: 
port25@surfree.com with 'remove' in 
subject line and you will be removed from our list.

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