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Linux Certification HOWTO and/or FAQ?

I'm currently working on a book covering the Linux Professional Institute's
(http://www.lpi.org) exams 101 and 102.  I'm also authoring some articles
on Linux certification for the O'Reilly Network
(http://oreilly.linux.com/pub/t/39).  The overall picture for Linux
certification is a bit confusing, and as the certification, materials, and
training industries expand, things could get more complicated.  It seems to
me that a certification document at LDP would be a nice addition, and I'm
willing to author and maintain it if it sounds appropriate.  I currently
hold the RHCE certificate, and expect to be LPIC Level 1 certified soon.

The document could contain information and links for various certification
programs (LPI, RedHat, Sair, Brainbench, et. al.), reference materials,
training classes, and any other appropriate resources.  It would also
provide compare/contrast information to help those seeking one of the
certifications.  Unlike proprietary certifications such as Cisco,
Microsoft, or Novell, would-be examinees have a number of choices.

I see the document initially as a HOWTO with a FAQ section.  It would NOT
be a braindump, link to braindumps, or otherwise encourage them.  I expect
that once in circulation vendors would submit links for inclusion, as we
see in the consultant's HOWTO.  Ultimately it could grow to become a
distribution-neutral, objective (with the exception of my book ;-) resource
for system administrators looking to certify.

Please feel free to express your opinions on this idea.  I am particularly
interested in comments regarding:

  - use of FAQ, HOWTO, HOWTO with included FAQ, or perhaps HOWTO *and* FAQ
  - document name; suggested:
    - Linux Certification HOWTO (recommended)
    - Linux Certification and Training HOWTO
  - document scope
  - expected frequency of updates

Thanks, all.

Jeff Dean

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