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What is "g++"?

Hi everybody,

I would like to say that is my first message to this list. I do hope to learn a
lot about Linux here and, although I've have been working with databases that
run under Unix, I'm not very expert on it.

Some weeks ago I downloaded the program "kfirewall-0.4.2" from the Linuxberg
site. I'm trying to install it but its Makefile contains a comand(????) called
g++ which doesn't exist in my system.

My question is: what is this "g++"? Is it a comand, a compiler or what? If
it's a program or a compiler, where can I get it so that the installation of
kfirewall be sucessfull? Has anybody in this list installed this program?

By the way: I use the Conectiva Linux 5.0, a Brazilian release which is based
on the Red Hat distribution.

Thanks in advance,

        Renato A. Veneroso

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